Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Wizard of Oz

I am responsible for making sure that the sun rises on schedule for the next ten days.  In return there are negotiations being made for me to change the course of rivers and dethrone the master of puppets.  Oh Mr Rob Brenzy how magnificent you make ones daily activities.  I was just going to drink coffee and do laundry.  After surviving and triumphing over the last year I feel fully capable of standing on the edge of the world making sure to bring the dawn.  I have spent now one full year doing as much as I could to expose myself and thicken my skin, all while being even more of a present and active participant in my daily decisions.  Even this blog is a major component of my uncensored experiment.  Life gave me lemons and I turned them into an entirely new plant.  Watch out kids this is a new magic I have been given.  The mechanics of it are yet to be contained.  Though it is brilliant, awkward, often hard to watch, and oh so beautifully honest.    

Brilliant, awkward, hard to watch, oh so beautifully honest

Oh last night I slept in a big blue van, in the trees, with a head full of wine, and a sweet song singing me to sleep...

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