Friday, October 21, 2011

I have a blog? Who said that? Bless you

You say it is a fashion blog?  This seems more to me like a self involved cry for attention.  So far it goes-Girl with great promise leaves home at an age that most people would consider "pushing it" to follow her not well thought out dreams of...they can change on a daily basis.  This week I am a baker, a self provider alone in the woods, still drinking gin and coffee, who leaves the nest to go out on her own and explore the chaos that appears in silent moments of panic.  Other wise know as I finally have my own place again!  I can cook, not do dishes, host underwear dance parties in peace, and do all of my other awkward single girl behaviors behind closed decorated doors.  I have managed to put together my little studio apartment, in downtown Bellingham, complete with a big girl couch, FIVE pieces of complementing big girl furniture refinished by yours truly, and a fully functioning kitchen in under two weeks.  Yes Erin Crosby I am neurotic.  I am also way too organized, and ocd about the pillow placement on my bed.   My gypsy behavior of the last year has had me couch hopping and bunk bed surfing so you are damn right my bed is a gloriously well crafted sanctuary!  As for the actual apartment it is a shit hole.  MY very own shit hole and I love it.
My headboard to the holy place of rest

I am super proud of this piece.  I repainted both the mirror and the dresser.

TADA!  A real couch for a real girl.  Also my beautiful art finally has a home.

Erin is reunited with one of his very first glass pieces.  I am not giving it back .  This is the only thing I have to distinguish my bedroom window from my neighbors.  No driving home drunk my friends.  Just knock on the pretty window if the gin monsters have taken over your body for the night.
 On a completely unrelated note I did a bit of wandering around today.  I have been looking about this interweb at the oh so inspiring street fashions of the world.  It  is a wonderland!  I am fueled with inspiration and so I will share...
As in love as I am with the man repeller I might be more in love with her amazing velvet bell bottom pants.

 If my hair could come even slightly close to this I would go with Denise to see the new footloose movie.  


I just love the idea of this woman in 40 years.

AH not only is this an excuse to wear underwear in public, but it is also all  whiteish.  These are a few of my favorite things lalalalala

Oh and yes backless with a black bra.  Nailed it 

It is like her legs are liquid sunshine.  

Here ladies and gents is not only a jumper, but a bright red jumper, with a cut out back!  In my mind when she turns around she has on bright orange lipstick with a massive gold pendent necklace and  bright purple velvet heels.  Daydreams 

I want this in my life!  Just floor length and with similar above mentioned orange lipstick

This I can not stop obsessing over this.  The patterns are perfect, and the faux collar is an even better accessory than a beard. 

This is an image from the blogger Sea of shoes.  Recently she was in Austin Texas and took a few photos at some of the local boutiques.  The images made me home sick and happy at the same time.  I am reposting them here on my blog in a tribute to Texas thrift.  We do it so well and with such  strong cultural imagery.  It really took me leaving Texas to understand the effect our culture has on the world.  Dear Texas thank you.  I am forever one of you.


This model is my newest love.  I just wanted to share  her.  That is all
 So now with a fully loaded glue gun of ideas I am off to climb a tree (so many of them here) and to put some of my highly caffeinated energy to good use.