Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fashion Police/Citizens Arrest

Today is the first day of Spring.  It was a beautiful, warm, and sunny day in my head.  Outside it was windy and cold as hell.  In the spirit of the season I have a hopeful heart about the coming months, mainly because the contrasting point of view seems less promising for a blog post (example: I feel awful about what may or may not happen in the next six months.  End of blog...forever)  I do not really know what to expect other than hopefully warmer weather and warmer people to enter my life.  I am happy here for the most part.  Admittedly lonely, but my job and the circus are so amazing I can not really complain further.  In my small lonesome struggle I began reminiscing on my past.  In a healthy way, not at all glamorizing how I used to be so much fun!  Seriously remember when I was so fun!  Correction I was so drunk. I was so in College.  I was no joke so much fun.  Now I am older, fyi I just had my 29th birthday so I am one year away from a minivan and mom jeans which I would already wear in an act of fashion revival.  Ok so I am still fun I just go to bed much earlier.  I might also be typing this on a bottle of leftover birthday wine and it is almost 10pm and I am still awake.  SEE!  Still FUN!  I do want my younger hipper neighbors to turn down their dub step seeing as I will be asleep as soon as I finish my laundry.  Can you FEEL the fun coming from this West Coast Hottie?  Spring break baby and I've got all my white tees in the wet t-shirt contest my washing machine just hosted.  So you can see I am not glamorizing anything. While I was looking back I came across some of my more "colorful" fashion choices.   The what was she thinking list I that I would have ended up on have not been shamed.  Oh! The places I should not have gone dressed this way.  I can only hope to continue this tradition.  Even if I am half asleep by midnight I will continue to be inappropriately, awkwardly, and offensively dressed wherever my  lame ass takes me!  So now a little recap of some of my finer moments over the last few years...no judgement...
Let us start at the beginning, 10 yrs old...Get it girl..

The power of the word Go

Dallas people that all live in Bellingham now+fur

One word here.  Vegas 

Does anyone remember when I made clothing?  Yeah me  neither.  Here is one

25th birthday bash with best friend.  Spandex all night 

In case you missed the last one

Oh remember when I did that one show.  


New years, still in spandex and those are pants

Gangster Knitting 

Again with the birthday sparkles 

Hoop earrings and bikini tops??? 
Betty Crocker birthday 

This dress is kind of amazing and still in my closet  

Maybe I should bring back the pigtails 

I clean up alright when I try 

Yes this is me

Read the caption 

This is my spirit dress 

Awe Austin summer boat parties 

You didn't think I would't have a cowboy hat did you?

A girls best accessory is a nice collection of mustaches. 

Add caption

How do I look?  (re-edit I am not pregnant.  This is a Halloween costume) 

Yes still wearing this damn hat

Hiking fashion 

The End

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Bottom (Ask Grandma)

So I do not have much to say today but that is not because of a lack of inspiration.  It is a lack of a want to sit still.  Here is just a bit of totally randon visual pretties before I head out to the circus for a few hours of most likely as random play time.  As for the post title my Grandmothers real name is Gladys.  Now say that name very slowly.  
I will be roping a necklace to my head very soon. 

A knit onesie!  

 a little friend    

oh my

I might actually buy this for my birthday  because it is 1. On Sale and 2.  Ridiculously amazing 

Oh hey and it is backless, Gladys

Awesome vest over leather.  Yum yum yum

This one is here for the hair.  I have been sporting this look and I have also painted my hair similarly 
See Me.  See my hair. 

This is where I eventually want my hair color to be

Have you ever wondered where all of my knowledge/decision making comes from?   

Where did I put my scissors?!

Man repeller you never cease to amaze.  I LOVE THESE SHOES!  

I bought a fur in January to cut off the sleeves and reattach them with plaid.  Beautiful concept.  

Appreciation of detail. 

If I win over my landlord enough I will first attempt this on my walls and then a puppy.

It is Spring and it snowed on Monday...take me away Calgon! 

oh my god! This is my "adult" version of a Disney princess bedroom set! 

I am slowly (very very slowly) becoming more and more content with and in this concept.  Even more so when illustrated like a Dr Seuss cartoon.  With the brains in my head and the feet in my shoes I am the only one who will decide what I do.