Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Transvestite Yeti

I was having a conversation recently with a handsome fairy tale friend about the ever enchanting, never aging Stevie Nicks.   Now growing up my mother and father both played dress up in rock bands, and often I felt my mother channeling Stevie for inspiration.  Therefore by osmosis and the best closet raiding in the entire fifth grade I too found a little gypsy within.  Rekindling this memory I decided to visit my inner Stevie with a little outer dressing.  This is going to require a bit of work/creativity on your part, but I do promise treats to follow.  They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.  Well they bore me!  I say imitation AS inspiration is the most sincere way to use the art of one to inspire more art or just piss others off for stealing your shit.  Everything old is new again blah blah I promise no more cliches in the remainder of this post.  Though I might need to revisit that pitch for revision at a later date.  Whatever right now I will go ahead with my story.  This town is cold!  I have had to get creative with my Texas gal wardrobe.  Luckily I do have a modest array of long, lacy, furry, and velvet treasures, minus a top hat  (sad face emoticon) All of this is wearable clothing I promise!  As much as it may sound like a kindergarten craft scrap box it is my closet.  The key so far has been survival via layers, layers that as of late are conjuring Excalibur gold dust women.  Unfortunately I fell down on my blogging job again and did not get pictures so this is where you must use your imagination.  Hey at least I am writing more consistently (for now).  OH and I have two fans in Russia.  So Украсите себя Russia!  Focus again with me now...I am almost six feet tall and though thin and fit I am still no where near a tall petite.  I am bold with hair almost too long for my age but not yet Crystal Gale status.  I have thick blunt bangs, a long face complete with Cher nose pre any  reconstructions, and Cherokee cheekbones.  Yes there are plenty of photos of me on this blog I am just setting a mood.  So suiting up with bright red lipstick, random placed braids in my most likely unwashed hair, three skirts all of different lengths, wooden wedge heels to set me just below drag queen height, fur lined vest, and grandpa cable knit sweaters I ask you use your inner google paperdoll to conjure the image I have presented all thanks to Stevie and a lack of properly insulated apparel.  For all of that imagining I did promise treats so here are some of my favorite Stevies...  
A top hat!  I need a top hat!

If I had rose colored sheets I would sew them into  a dress/cape  too

So beautiful
I have not decided on my muse for next week.  I do have Sharron Jones tickets for Saturday night so maybe  a little vintage soul?  I am not going to commit to anything right now but I will leave you with my newest trend.  Feather earrings step aside.  Friday night I MacGyvered a bit of face decorating awesomeness.  I have seen these in the fancy pants magazines but I have not ever been able to find one for purchase.  This is frustrating for a women fully capable of making most fashion pieces who is also tragically lazy.  Anyway I now present to you the earring/necklace (ignore the sadness of my emo phone mirror pic for it is all I have)
Oh sleepy little town it is time to wake up. 

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  1. I love the description of yourself in this post. It's so spot on. I also love winter layering and I am jealous of your fur vest and it's still too hot in Texas and I want to die. I'm wearing a scarf tonight in your honor.