Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Care bear stare

I can not believe Thanksgiving is here!  I am excited because I love this holiday and last years was terrible (understatement).  THIS year I am spending it with great friends I consider family and in my beautiful new home.  The weather here has been really lovely, and everyone I know is in great spirits.  It is as if we are all going through a massive communal creative exorcism.  I can feel this uncontrollable energy coming from people, even complete strangers, in as little as a glance on the sidewalks.  I am  slightly dazed by these encounters.  I always instantly feel my toes.  Like they wanted to say hello politely asking for a bit of attention.  The world is forcing me into a mindful "thankful" body.  It is fantastic!  If you too are experiencing this sensation please share it!  The next time you are walking along and a passing glance from a Mr surges through you till you wiggle your toes, regain your composure and pass it along.  As you eat your stuffing this Thursday take off your shoes/socks, and with each bite wiggle your toes in thanks!

Want a little toe wiggling fashion inspiration?  Well then here is a bit of holiday lovelies.  It is cold outside so bundle up head to toe.
Furry Hats+leather+red lips=Welcome Winter I am ready 
Wandering the woods in camo

Barbro is one of my favorite bloggers.  wiggle wiggle

You know Esotban is a bad Ass

Go Estoban Go

Wish list MUST!  It is only $88.  I will love it forever!

This is where I would keep my wishlist pretty.  Also where my toes would keep very warn and well attended   

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  1. I love your little cabin, my toes are so cold, save me :)Alan