Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tinsel Toes

Holiday dressing, and not the kind that you stuff your face with, is my number two favorite thing about this time of year!  The number one favorite is of course actually stuffing my face with dressing, though I would not want to start a blog with my gluttony just gracefully let it spill out in the second sentence.  This way I seem coy and mysterious.  Like how on first dates I attempt to not throw all of my cool kid facts out at once in a pathetic attempt to solidify a second date.  No no kids I keep calm and on the second date is where I give out those last little details of my rockstar ways and totally blow my wad in two short but always entertaining encounters.  If you do not know me personally, which if you read this regularly most likely you do and are my Mother or friend Christina, then know I am merely poking fun at myself in a half kidding/three quarters serious way.  Rein it in Burch! Seriously though I love the holiday collections!  The styles and eccentric use of sparkles and texture make me childishly giddy.  I audibly squealed in a store the other day at the site of an obvious Halloween leftover/now holiday display 1930's floor length, bias cut, backless gown, decorated with the gaudiest treasure/broach I have ever seen in person.  This is coming from someone whose favorite necklace for the past 5 years has been a 8in long metal plate cut in the shape of a mudflap pinup, may it rest in peace where ever it has fallen (fucking moving boxes! sorry Mom it happens.  By it I mean me and cussing).  In my daydreaming I have decided to become Florence for Christmas.  She suits me well bold, dramatic, and otherworldly.  How about a singalong and a wishlist?!

My dress shines even if your eyes do not.

  Santa PLEASE!

Or elves this is a great substitute
 Free People holiday collection  

Decorate like winter has dressed the mountain  

One can not forget the ornaments to go on top of your tree

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