Saturday, January 7, 2012

January was a total Gentleman last night

Today I would love to point out that I am writing this blog on a Saturday at eleven am.  This is right before I go and get a pedicure (gift from my boss for Christmas) followed by a yoga class and then practicing at the circus. Le sigh life is so hard...  I bring attention to this day of the week because usually I would be at work slinging eggs for demanding hungover college kids, or if I was still in Texas all of my demanding hungover friends.  I have long been tied to the velvet handcuffs of the service industry.  I can not discount the fact that I paid my way through college getting people drunk, and it is how I met most of my bedazzled ex boyfriends.  We have had many fun times and many times I can not remember.  I have learned many things from being a waitress the main one is that I am not a fan of being a waitress.  Eight years in college, one degree in fashion, yoga teacher training, wardrobe styling gig, a giant move to Washington, one year to go before turning 30, and FINALLY I am able to say a semi farewell to the how would you like your burger cooked lifestyle.  I say semi because I am going to keep one Sunday brunch shift a week as I transition into the paycheck every other week, what is a budget, and no I do not have any cash to pay this bands cover charge, people actually do use ATMs mentality.  As of last week I am officially teaching what I truly love full time! (I have only been teaching part time if you need a recap)  Oh but wait it gets better.  I work Mon-Fri cough cough COME AGAIN!  Yes folks not only that but being a small town and smaller studio there is no such thing as a 5am yoga class nor any classes after 7pm.  I have what you might call hit the yoga studio jackpot.  I love the students, I love my fellow teachers, and wish I could just sit with my boss and his amazing wife for hours to soak up every beautiful word they speak.  They do not read this so this is not me kissing ass.  I genuinely have a deep appreciation for the opportunity that I have been given here.  I have worked so so so hard most of my short life to find something I could do with honesty as an extension of myself.  What I do and who I am are now connected.  I love that both myself and my career have reached a point where we can grow up and evolve together.  It is a cool feeling kids.  It will still be hard work but my heart is 100% invested.  2012 is one week in and I have fallen deeply for its opening line.  I can only hope that this year will continue to woo me, and since my dating life is a stand up comedy act I am asking for 2012 to continue to take me to dinner.
Here is a preview of my Texas Christmas attire and New Years Eve fluff which will come in another blog this week...Yee Haw

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