Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The snow must go on...

"Oh my god!  So this must be the first time you have ever seen real snow?!"
Oh my god!  So you must think that I only have come in contact with a more recreational form of "snow" being from Dallas and all.  Seriously I know Bellingham is but a small town of simple folk, but if I get asked this again I will mentally drop kick your face  (what type of threat were you expecting from a yogi?).  And!  So I do not have to clarify this later 1. Mom I have seen "snow" countless times but no I am not a fan of sledding  2.  My drug terms are probably laughably incorrect and 3.  I do not really think that the people here are simple, smelly but not simple.  Now I will say that I have seen a fair amount of snow before moving here, but I have yet to experience a real winter.  Never on my bucket list, but I can cross this off of the what do those poor poor people in the mountains do when it gets super shitty cold list!?  This is what winter really feels like.  I am so unprepared.  I walked around downtown last night in canvas vans.  My feet were not wet when I got home.  No no they were frozen.  They got wet when I stepped in an icy puddle, then the water froze before I reached home.  Today I pulled out my best attempt at snow shoes.  Really bad knock off doc martin 90's style boots that are so heavy my feet keep falling asleep.  Oh and I am wearing red flannel, thinking about putting on brown lipstick, walking down to the local video store, and renting Reality Bites so I can swoon over Ethan Hawke.  I know also that I have completely disregarded mentioning any of my holiday adventures.  I let the moments pass where I should have written any sort of recap, and so now I am going to just continue on with current events.  I will say that my holidays were full of what I wanted more than any furry vest, the people that I love and care for most.  Still I was happy to return to Washington, weather aside, and continue on with the path I am discovering here.  The new year has brought me a laundry list of new challenges.  All of this stylish laundry of course.  The next few months are filled with intense circus training, yoga competitions, visits from friends, deepening gratitude, and attempting forgiveness.  I hope to do it and myself justice.  All as long as my heater continues to work!
Note that this was taken from inside through a window because it is 11 degrees outside

Texas snow shoes

The snow shoes I wish I had

The snow shoes I should wish I had

Grandma knows how to stay warm

This is what I wish I could be wearing right now
This was the weather exactly this day last week and I would like this back please

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