Friday, January 27, 2012

Small Town High

I love  Though a bit of a rocky start, this small towns charm has been reassuringly singing to me soft charming songs of its devotion.  I am really really happy here.  Still the draw of the big city will always be somewhere in my heart for one simple shallow reason...  In a small town one has fewer opportunities to get dolled up like a fashionable man repelling god, for absolutely no reason.  Thus turning an otherwise blah Saturday into a street show sidewalk catwalk with like minded friends in tow and an asskicking bass line in your head that could impress a Japanese hipster.  Now I know that I could continue every weekend to put on my furs and frills, decorating myself in layers of floral and flannel.  I am just getting a bit complacent in my dressing, because I am well the ONLY person I know who does this.  Yes I am not and will not count the college girls I see dressed up in slutty tin foil.  Just because your dress was twice as much as everything I have on combined, and you are in a shinny strapless mini-dress while it is 20 degrees outside, does not mean you have figured out how to dress yourself yet.  I am not hating on these poor girls because we all have our fashion history to not repeat.  Also I do not even hang out in same establishments as these little "ladies" so even if I did consider them as fashionable I would still not find in them a fellow catwalker (not a real word).  This is why I am super excited about two things.  One it is Prom season here in Bellingham!  I am not delusional.  I know I am not in high school, and I will not be attending the prom.  I also know that if the college girls can not dress themselves how the hell and I suppose to have any faith in the high school ones!?  I can not assume all the girls here are going to also try and convince their date to dress up as Elvis and you as Priscilla in conjunction with with the oh so terrible Vegas nights themed, gold balloon laced ball.  He would not do it by the way.  I am still disappointed about that.  I would have rocked this hair!
So now I know this is a long shot, but I walk past the formal dress shop everyday and I just started thinking.  I can use the prom as an excuse to dress up.  Like new years, my birthday, Valentines day, flag day, a leap year, and Sunday funday I have another excuse to get dolled up like an over dressed Thanksgiving turkey and parade my round decorated ass through town.  Now I just need an equally overdressed, and willing to dance the night away date.  Yes I want a flower to wear around my wrist or to pin in my hair.  Even better if I can conjure up a fleet of overage dancing fools to join me on my prom night parade.  So lets think about this because I giving PLENTY of notice.  April or May?  I am serious.

Ok moving on to the second reason for my excitement.  I already have my fashion radar around this event.  Here are a few little ideas/obsessions
First off: Bright Orange Lipstick
Now with my disappointing inability to take pictures for this blog I am having to use the internets to help me with visuals.  Know this, I have bought this, and worn it, and it is beyond amazing.   
Orange Inspiration 

Starting at the top and working down.  I feel like a top hat is desperately needed in my near future.  

Inspiration #1

Inspiration #2

Oh yes Inspiration #3
"Where is fancy bred, in the heart or in the head?"

The final project 

Now working our way to the gold wrapping paper.  Also a little long hair companion never hurt  

I am not too old for this glorious fringe and gold top.  Am I?  Add orange lips/top with hat and voila 

I am torn here in this last step.  Get

 So why all the planning?  What reason could I possibly have to wear such impressive folly?  Well my better half and fellow showstopper will be joining me on the streets of Seattle for a Valentines date extraordinaire.  Laurika, Dr Dog, Seattle, and  man repelling attire=two women who separated at birth, will be reunited for a week that I have been waiting for since I moved here!  Lassie I can not wait to see your face!

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