Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend Warrior

I am not a fan of change. I make change happen in my life because I think people I respect have often talked about how important it is. Also I know if I did not change I would probably just watch the same third season of Sex and the City and eat the same three tacos everyday. So I do not own a TV and I only allow myself tacos once a week. That last part might be a lie. I really love tacos. I am in full disclosure eating tacos while I write. As for change I do know that when you decide that you want to move to a new place because you feel the place you currently live has reached its expiration date, that is the time everything you felt was missing magically appears. This makes moving, BIG change, so much more difficult. I am FREAKING OUT. I want to move. No I really really want to move, but I am loving Dallas right now. My job rocks, my friends can not get any better, the city is finally waking up to the beautifully long spring weather we have been blessed with giving me more reason to play outside, and I do not mean drinking on a patio. To be fair I think that Dallas has always had a crowd of festival and fun loving folks running around the city celebrating all types of occasions, but I have been on heavy rotation the last few years of the same people, places, and complaints about what is missing without really exploring. Though this is not all my fault, I will take the blame for not being present to my daily activities. I came out of this fog around February. Since then the people I have met and the adventures I have decided to take on have been just lovely. I did accomplish great things while in my fog. I can not say that the last two years were merely TVs and tacos. I was just not able to look far enough past my single focused ambition to realize how many other things were floating around me.
This weekend was a perfect no fail example of assorted fun. My older sister gracefully stumbled her way into her thirties Friday night at the Belmont Hotel Bar. Surrounded by her impressively diverse group of friends we ate fruit cake, drank just enough to laugh at ourselves a bit more the next day, and helped give her twenties the well deserved un-manicured finger. She looked happy all night. I in my gin haze attempted pictures of her and my dear friend Alex in my first social fashion photo session. Even with three different cameras each one made the beauties slightly demonic looking.

Saturday morning I greeted a semi frantic Erika in Deep Ellum to help her set up her vintage clothing booth at the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market. Being that this was the soft unveiling of Warm Gun Vintage I would mark it as a success.

Sunday offered up a nice alternative to my original plan of napping and yoga with an impromptu appearance at the Oak Cliff Beer Fest. I had no desire to be awake when I showed up, but after tasting a few of the home brews and seeing the parade of pups I was in full fest mode. We ran into a slew of familiar faces, and were entertained as always by the musical King Bucks. At the close of the fest we were cooled off by being rained out, so my ladies and I made our way to the couches of Cosmos to eat some half price pizza. We were not saving the world this weekend but we did have a hell of a time.


  1. Dallas was never better then the last weeks before I moved to Seattle. I enjoyed my friends more, hell they seemed to like ME more! (some even expressed their hidden love. There went the friend card)
    I left with an urgency of everything being renewed.. In my car steered north i felt empowered.
    And when the hard times came, when everything being different all at once became more overwhelming then I had imagined, my life in Texas was all the more glorified..
    I had also felt stale and was enchanted by far off places..
    I have to say, in the end I was right.
    The NW has profoundly effected my life for the better, it IS teaming with artsy liberal open minded folk to play and learn with.

    But I have to add - now that I've been on the go for more then a year now, really made a practice of heading to the more rureal spots. Woken up under More strange ceilings than I can number. I find that no matter how much I change I remain the same. (try to do that math!)

    I can relate needing to change a physical space in order to change your state of mind.. I just try to remember that I'm always going to be the common denominator.
    I some times wonder if there isn't more to learn from reinventing myself in still rivers....

  2. Thanks Jo :) I will see you soon. Hope you like to play dress up!