Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Book Report

Today I attended my final class at Lone Star Circus school. My first one was back in February. It is an aerial art class. For the first one I signed a modest waiver, and then basically was told to try and not die. The classes are held at local gymnasium hidden between some warehouses. It is a fairly large building that the Circus shares with a puppet show house (Slappy’s Playhouse, yeah just let that one simmer for a bit) and then there are some general gymnastic classes for kids as well. I had looked into this years ago but could not find anything closer than Seattle, ironic. So I went and basically cussed a lot and felt shame for admitting to be a fitness instructor. I figured out climbing up the silk, but felt like an elephant during the process. The day after that class I could not open doors or hold anything for a week. I had to just fall into a door hoping its hinges were hung in my favor. I went again a week later a bit more timid since with my last try I was not instantly amazing. It was better the second time but I still sucked. I have now been trying this out at least once or twice a week for the last four months. I do not suck anymore! I am now a beamingly almost average acrobat! Haha so I am still in need of a great deal of strength and skill, but I can do at least 6 awesome to me tricks, get my ass high off the ground, and there is way less hesitation. I really have gotten tremendously stronger with this fantastic sport. I am hooked! It is the most effective form of anti-depressant I have ever tried! To hang in the air, upside down on a piece of fabric you have wrapped yourself in, let go, trusting you will catch yourself again somewhere down the silk is invigoratingly stupid. Today in my final class I grew balls enough to attempt a few more stunts, of course. I will really miss the people that are a part of the school. I have found another one, I think, in Bellingham. They are all different so it might just be a lame pole dancing type class and not so much aerialist school. I am hoping it is similar to what my girls have set up here, because the school is probably next to my friends the thing I will miss most about Dallas. Sorry Lee Harvey’s patio.  No joke when I get awesome at this I will join a circus.

This is the School...

 This is me at my first class being a tourist.

 Here I am a few weeks ago after finishing a trick, still taking pictures like a tourist.

 This is a lovely and patient student

 One of the instructors working on a trick

Here she is trying not to die, aka mid trick

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  1. You've got one year, or so, to become either a great acrobat or, if the school in Bellingham turns out to be as you described, an astounding pole dancer. In any case, we will be there, local coffee in hand, demanding ENTERTAINMENT!!!! ;-)