Thursday, May 26, 2011

Almost Lemons

I have strep throat. Weird huh? Who under the age of 12 gets this? I thought instead of spending all day crying and being unnecessarily dramatic, why not give one of my buddies a shout out. Also for all of my seven lovely followers, and those of you not legitimately following but are reading this blog, I would like you to know I am very big in Spain and some other non US place I can not remember. Today I noticed in my stats that I have anonymous followers in a sizable part of the pacific northwest, California, and, one in Spain. Huh well hello Spaniard. Yeah I am sure it is probably a fellow yogi connected to my facebook account, but a girl can dream. In my dream after only a few short weeks of rambling blogs a tall bearded Spanish man with strong calloused hands started reading this blog while searching for puppies on the internet, yes puppies. Still in the dream kids. You see because even though this blog has nothing to do with puppies it is in the title and I love puppies, and Spanish puppies are my favorite (whatever). My love of foul language, tacos, coffee, and clothing was unlike any woman he knows (every woman I know) He is hooked, but too shy to make a profile on google and join the ever growing list of followers. Ok just a quick note to my sailor…this is going to be blamed on medications so no angry text messages in Spanish about beards. La la la what was I going to really post today…thinking…rereading…
Oh shout to my homie! Ok so in January I teamed up with one of my favorite boyfriends, not mine, to do a fashion photo shoot. I love being Indian in a very non hipster way so we did a super hot Indian photo shoot. It might be a bit hipster with a semi urban outfitters feel but a super artsy look. Anyway you look at it the pictures came out fucking awesome. I styled, he scouted, shot, edited, and gave me an excuse to act a fool in the woods. I know that lots of folks have seen these on his facebook and mine but now they go global! You’re welcome Spaniard.

For more of these, and a way to have your own freezing cold photo session with a stranger please visit his website.  In true sincerity this man is an incredible talent and a joy to work with.


  1. I'm legit, now. I am an official statistic, per this blog. :-P

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhh thanks my married man :)