Thursday, May 19, 2011

Modern Macrame

A few years ago I was dating a boy with a very interesting family. During breakfast one morning with his father I learned about an unusual job title that I have always found charming. The conversation began around his wife’s former profession as a nude dancer. Now I was not alive during his timeline nor have I greatly researched the validity of his account. So I can not say if what he remembers is factual. Honestly I just listened enjoying his enthusiasm, and since I have retold the same story myself as truth. During his reminiscing he referenced something he called a bumble puppy. Apparently in order to be a part of the show you did not have to only be a talented dancer. You could be a talented dresser. These women did not have skill with rhythm. They did however have skill with aesthetics, the art of creative dress. A bumble puppy was an adult dancer who could not dance. She knew how to prepare and wear a costume well, to make an entrance worth noticing. She had a talent for presence and enviable skill of keeping your attention past her exit.
Now being a creative dresser myself I adopted the term as my own. Make no mistake this, as I see it, does not imply a lack of talent in a woman. Nor does it mean being a simple woman. To me a bumble puppy has incredible courage to take on a different situation and make it her own. I liked it. Outside of the stripper context I have again adopted this phrase now as a blog topic:
A personal/style/adventure blog created to share, learn, create, inspire, and teach with my take on bumble puppy style.

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  1. Love the background! Nice first post. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.