Saturday, May 21, 2011

Seasonal Beauty

I live in Texas. I have my entire life. I was born in Lubbock, moved to Arlington, then Denton, and I am currently a resident of Dallas. In two and a half weeks I start a journey to a land where the trees are much taller and god help me I hope the men are too. Now if the first thing you think when I tell you where I am moving is something about rain or weather congratulations you are average. Washington state has more to offer than precipitation. I have lost three great friends to the wiles of the pacific northwest and the only thing they find objectionable about no longer being in Dallas is the distance from our sports teams. Come June something, I will be reunited with these three in Bellingham, WA. I do not yet have a job in Bellingham. That is not the reason for my move. Yes moving to a coastal city in a down economy might not be the smartest thing I have ever done. Though I am in a position to do so and well I just need a major change of scenery. I decided after this past year ending as one of the worst, that this year I was going to make big changes. I am trying things that make me incredibly uncomfortable and scare the shit out of me. So how far can I go west without leaving the country? The trip begins in my home town where I will start with some quality family time. From there I plan about a two week wander through the west coast. Then I finish the road trip but continue the adventure in Bellingham, WA.

 This is my beautiful friend in Washington on her wedding day.
 This is where I will be spending a lot of my free time!

At this time I am a Bikram Yoga teacher, love. My other great loves is fashion. I hate admitting this and over the last two years I have tried to hide this fact. It makes me feel guilty to love something that is considered so superficial. I recently had some space open up and I want it back in my life. It makes me happy. I spent four of my eight years in college on my design degree, working on and off in the field for a few years, getting burnt out, and ultimately tiring of the people that the fashion industry typically attracts. So I went the other direction completely to find balance. Now that I have solely played yoga the last couple of years the pendulum has started swinging back in the other direction. My small work in the industry before was a big part of what turned me off. The type of work I wanted to do was more homegrown and slower paced than what was offered. Fashion I feel should be approachable and given more opportunity to digest. I know I have always been motivated more by the style of my friends and people I can observe. So beginning now with my last few weeks in Texas, to my journey across the country, and finally at my new home in Washington I will be chronicling those I meet and what I see.

She is a big reason why leaving Texas will be so sad.

Here are the ladies of my design class.  The best friends a girl could have, and even better distractions from actually doing any work.  Our mothers should be so proud. 

Here we all are over three years later and seemingly better behaved.  I can not say the same for some of our boyfriends.  

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