Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shame shame DJ

I am not sure if anyone besides myself and my mother have noticed that I am not very good with consistency in this blog thing.  I have been caught up in a surprisingly lovely summer.  It was only a surprise because it took a bit longer to start up than expected, and it has continued a little longer past a similar expectation.  So considering today is gray and cold, and school kids are sitting at the coffee shop near me discussing their dramatic lives of social media love and calculus, a writing I will go.  Included are a few fashion frills and some lite dining on my silly adventures in babysitting myself.  Unfortunately in my daily run about I have become so predictable in routine that even the locals notice. So much so that when I go to multiple taco shops in town they know who I am well and have nicknames for me.  Whatever taco shop boy I am single, and if I want to eat fish tacos for dinner four times a week from the same place I can.  In a  movement to get me out of these habits/ruts or mainly this one in particular, although tacos are never in my mind a habit to be considered with any negative connotation.  Preferably I just keep a more modest grasp on the love affair.  Yes this is an affair of love, it is not a healthy decision nor is it rational, it is that I fucking love tacos.  I will die eating tacos!  Now I promise I did more than just eat tacos this summer, but i did eat A LOT of tacos.  I have often thought about calculating the number of hours I have spent eating tacos, drinking coffee, doing yoga, and then I realize well that is um all day.  So as I was saying in order to pepper variety into this habit I went out into the wild world and like a gluten allergy at a dinner party I coaxed my friends into making me tacos.  Ok that really only happened once or twice, the other times I went to Seattle and Vancouver for tacos.  In exchange for my comrades hospitality and dietary accommodation I made them  unicorn poop cookies and took them to a lovely circus.  If you need to make sure there was not a typo in that last sentence then I made them unicorn poop cookies will be retyped for reference.  My horoscope over the last few weeks has been asking some rather interesting things from me.  Like make unicorn poop, and the week before last I was told to wear a wedding dress everywhere I went and throw rice at myself for a week.  I looked at seven places for an affordable twenty dollar wedding dress seeing as I was going to be bar tending in it and had no luck.  Yes I am back behind a bar twice a week let's not talk about that one.  So no on the dress but I did throw some of my rice on the floor one night while eating at Casa.  Anyway if you follow any of these twelveish blogs I have written then you know how much the free will horoscope guy is factored into my weekly decision making.  Obviously I won't and haven't taken this too far but a figured a week in a fancy white dress was very respectable.  Another thing that is respectable is consistency and  reliability.  So here and now I am pledging that with the coming of fall I will make a better effort to write on here with a similar dedication as a Pisces to her fish tacos.  Well I will try.  Picture time...things I love, things I wore, and things I did...

Unicorn Poop is tough work 

Look Ma no lenses

Who am I?  Yes kids I bough mom shorts 

Circus twins/only creepy if you let it 

Our very first attempt to have our show outside.  It worked 
Romantic airport attire 

Words to live by 

A lot of this was done this summer 

Rock show requiring rockstar attire 

Nothing is wrong about any of this 


A proper Canadian tux 

Dreaming of next summer already 

YO Mamma 

Glamping summer buddy 

Proof I went to Canada 

The shades that inspired the season 

In conclusion
 by two o'clock tomorrow my hair will be cut like this...It is time

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