Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ski to See...

This past weekend was not just a major holiday celebrating beer and BBQ, that is correct right, it was also Bellingham's annual Ski to Sea race.  Now I missed last years by three weeks and still heard about it my very first evening living here.  Small town so you might notice a pattern of events being rehashed like a failing memory.  Dallas think St Patty's day with athletes and better scenery.  I will do my best to break this down for ya Texans.  There are 500 teams of seven, and I have not a fucking clue where they came from/stayed/went after the kegs were tapped.  Anyway the gist of what I got is one person starts at the top of Mt Baker cross country skiing.  They slide along to a hiker who runs up more mountain and then ski/snowboards down.  In a "Hey Man I came all this way down to you now you turn around and go back up" practical, no wait sorry logical.  After this indecisive leg of up and down I think a biker, of which might be road or mountain, or an 8 mile DOWNHILL runner, as in all 8 miles running downhill happens, and somewhere these three legs are executed.  Now at sea level there are two water courses in long boats with funny spelling.  Race over 7 or 8 hrs later (this is not a sentence).  A friend asked what leg of this race I would like to do if ever a marathon type run seemed like something post high school track, race anxiety interested me...is there a yoga/this is why I do yoga leg?  Three pm Sunday afternoon rolled around and I decided the sun was too tempting to stay at the circus.  I finally pulled my bike from my girlfriends garage (best decision I have made in a long time and this morning I ate a cake pop for breakfast so...)  I hopped on my bike in a super short dress, true to Bellingham but cheating by not only wearing tights but small shorts under the dress.  I see you pretty ladies around town letting your shit fly free in the wind and I applaud you, but I am not quite ready to join you!  Maybe next summer.  I flew down to Fairhaven and was greeted by the impressive amount of people gathered for this super weird event.  It was great fun Erin Crosby.  Do not tell me the next time I see you that if I hate this town so much I should fucking move, because I love it here most of the time.  I believe I even had a moment were with a beer in one hand, a group of hot firefighters playing bagpipes, by friend for life Mr Wynton Kelly, and the ocean in constant view I was really happy.  It has been an up and down silly ski race for me these last few months of being in a place with a very different quality of life and still not having much of a life.  What is more important?  I still am not sure but I am not leaving for at least a year and some.  I love what I am learning here.  I want more of it.  I am sorry for those of you wanting fashion and are getting dear public diary.  It will be brought back soon, still peppered with a bit of my self indulgent play by play.  Decorate yourself my friends (umm unless you are still wearing calf length tights, flats, and jersey dresses/skirts .  Kids it is only ok if you are pregnant with one, I will love you if you do but secretly hate it and want to slap you.  Oh and if you teach yoga for a living you too get this exception.  The same as I can wear yoga/stretchy pants anywhere because it is my JOB)  Love love love you and thank you Bellingham for being so good to me even with me running my marathon mouth.  You are full of lovely people finding their way into my heart.


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