Thursday, September 1, 2011

Survival Licks

 In his song "Crazy," British singer Seal repeats the following line numerous times for emphasis: "We're never going to survive unless we get a little crazy." I recommend it as a mantra for you to rely on in the coming days. Your emotional health will depend on your ability to laugh at yourself, play along with absurdity, and cultivate a grateful reverence for cosmic riddles. Being a little crazy will not only keep you robustly sane; it will also allow you to enjoy and capitalize on the divine comedy life presents you with.

This was my brilliant horoscope the week of August 4th.  Since reading it I have not stopped singing this song lyric both as loud as I can in my car, windows down, at stop lights, but also singing it on constant repeat in my head as unnecessary justification for all bad decisions. Wow that was an impressively long run on even for me, but the commas are there like mini distractions.  Did she end the sentence?  I saw punctuation somewhere in there right?   As for the month of August and most of 2011 I would say my crazy has helped keep me sane.  I had to look up this song so I could add on to my angelic acapella town serenade.  The video has been posted below to help save you time so you can learn the lyrics now.  I know I forgot how emo Seal was too, but you are welcome for the time saving short cut.  Now get in on my sing along...yup I still only know that the one line.   

When a horoscope changes your life and daily decisions like this (need aid to cipher any truth in that statement then reference above humor) one makes sure to listen when the universe sends you such life changing fortunes...from a cookie...

I will take him a la carte or with a side of beard and butter

As I continue to make a fool of myself in public (and often at home alone) I am happy to have been given permission, by a complete stranger, who I have decided to make relevant, to laugh at myself, loose a bit more of my mind, and just go a little bit crazy. 

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