Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Life Style

Where am I?  This is a weird little town.

I love that the air smells like pine, but often in town it smells like a lack of soap.  I am not yet settled and very uncomfortable.  I have only taught a few yoga classes since I moved, and I miss it terribly.  To say I am in a culture shock does not fully express my emotional confusion.

A little rating system for you.
Since I have been here I have had the best coffee I have ever had in my entire life, bonus.  Though I have doubled my already absurd intake of coffee and beer since moving, fail.

I went to see a naked body painting bike parade.  Balls on bikes are awesome, bonus.  It was really cold that day, and it was raining so less for me and more for them-fail.

I attended a benefit for Parkinson that was also a kegger for men in suits, bonus.  I never want to see/smell a honey pot mixed with popcorn machine again, fail.  Extra bonus bad hats+beer=picture magnet  

 I got four jobs within the first two weeks of being here, bonus.

Two of them I have already quit because making money in this town is not easy and I am not going to waste my time in a shit pay job, fail/bonus.  As for the circus I am taking private aerial lessons weekly, bonus.  My teacher here is so amazing, but she has me starting at the beginning because I missed a lot of basic safety and strength training.  This means less flying through the air and more pull ups and leg lifts, again combo bonus/fail.  On the family front my mother and grandmother took a three week long road trip across the country stopping for a night in Seattle.  So last week I drove down to spend the day with them, super bonus!  I decided wearing four inch heels would be the best option to wander for hours all of the city's hills, no need to rank this one.  My grandmother was in a  wheelchair I was to push.  Thankfully the wheelchair did not clash with my heels.  Lastly my other brilliant decision, a see through dress (bonus!).  All above combined I found was the best possible way to scream tourist without wearing a fanny pack or having a tan.

After pushing her up the Bell Street hill.  She looks so happy and rested.
In case you missed the jacket...since I have been called Cher most of my life (bonus only if you are referring to 70s or 80s Cher)  I found it proper to have Bob Mackie dress me as well
I want what both of them are wearing

Now for my legions of blogger fans, Christina,  I leave you weaved into my bemusement, which I blame on 60 degree temperatures in July.  I am working on bringing more fashion and fantasy  in the coming blogs.
A double hitter and just  for you Erika.  I miss you and your weird obsessions.  Yes I know everyone has seen this and I am not posting it because I think I found something.  I still love the "I have a turtle" you tube so let us move on.
Well I can not actually promise anything with this blog.  I can say I will drink more gin, eat more tacos, and probably make a fool of  myself in public.  I must go now because I can not look at the photo above any longer.  Also if you did not know I am sleeping in my friends what will be kids room, on a bunk bed.  Here is proof.  Just remember bunk beds are the new 20.

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  1. Get ready for my new weird obsession... wait for it... I can't stop buying CDs. I feel like I'm 13 again. No joke, spent half of my paycheck on the suckers. I really really really think I'm growing down instead of up.