Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So it has been a bit too long since I wrote a blog.  April kind of kicked my ass.  No I was expecting April to kick ass.  I had awesome shows to see and even more awesome shows to be in.  I was going to learn multiple types of board sports.  I was going to finally see the mountain and armed with my ego rip it apart.  Most importantly I was going to have some lovely weekend free time to plan my lovely Texas trip back for the summer.  What actually happened was I got the flu, and yes that one thing killed all of Aprils ambition.  I was down for eight days, but during those eight days the universe pulled some extreme trickery that I am just having to deal with.  No summer vacation home, no lovely stress free weekend time, no boards, or snow, and a delayed performance.  I was crushed, duh.  I just now stopped feeling sorry for myself over this bull shit universe lesson learning drama, because as a control freak I had NO control.  So that is where I have been.  I will write another "real" blog soon.  Just reconnecting to myself a bit first and letting go.
Namaste bitches :)

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